Easy. Tasty. Healthy.

My Fourth Cookbook –
launched May 2016

Easy, Tasty, Healthy contains more than 160 simple to prepare recipes all free from gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast, soya and egg. It’s a book for anyone wishing to improve their health and lose weight.


Acknowledged by Patrick Holford

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Latest Recipes

Freezer Fudge

This freezer fudge as well as being sugar and dairy free is easy to make and a delight to eat....

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Garlic and Herb Vegan Cheese

This easy to make vegan cheese is delicious when fresh but also freezes well...

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Fish with Lemon and Anchovies

This is an easy way to cook fish and the lemon and anchovies add lots of flavour....

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About Barbara

Hi, I’m Barbara.
I’ve been involved in nutrition for the past three decades and it continues to be my passion. My aim is to help people to improve their health and wellbeing using nutrition. I am the author of the Cooking Without series of books and my latest venture is my new book Easy, Tasty, Healthy and my website. I hope you find them helpful.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is my take on a variety of subjects from food and health to new books and helpful remedies. I’m always open to new ideas but I also like to question and analyse any new information.

New Year Food Resolutions

Looking back at last years resolutions I’m quite proud that I’ve put most into action. They have however been hanging around for a few years so probably about time. I wanted to cut out soy

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Christmas – It’s Alright to Cheat!

I’m always amazed at Christmas time how magazines and television programmes encourage us to make elaborate dishes. So often people who never cook much all year put themselves under a lot of stress b

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Eggs and Allergies

I have lots of family members who are intolerant to eggs and it’s one of the reasons I have left eggs out of the recipes in my latest book ‘Easy, Tasty, Healthy. That doesn’t mean that I think e

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