Easy. Tasty. Healthy.

My Fourth Cookbook –
launched May 2016

Easy, Tasty, Healthy contains more than 160 simple to prepare recipes all free from gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast, soya and egg. It’s a book for anyone wishing to improve their health and lose weight.


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Latest Recipes

Summer Fruit Sorbet

I often use frozen black forest fruits or summer fruits in this recipe but you can freeze down your own selection of fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, cherries and blackberries....

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Chicken, Peach and Quinoa Salad with Cashew Nuts

When peaches are not in season substitute some diced mango in this recipe. Similarly you could use cubes of feta, halloumi or tofu instead of the chicken....

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Marinated Salmon with Cauliflower Rice

Enjoy this low carbohydrate meal of moist salmon and cauliflower rice with the rich juices from the salmon and marinade poured over the rice. I like to serve the dish with a salad to accompany but you...

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About Barbara

Hi, I’m Barbara.
I’ve been involved in nutrition for the past three decades and it continues to be my passion. My aim is to help people to improve their health and wellbeing using nutrition. I am the author of the Cooking Without series of books and my latest venture is my new book Easy, Tasty, Healthy and my website. I hope you find them helpful.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is my take on a variety of subjects from food and health to new books and helpful remedies. I’m always open to new ideas but I also like to question and analyse any new information.

My Store Cupboard Staples

One would expect a cookery author to have cupboards full of unusual ingredients but in my case that’s not true. Whenever I visit a delicatessen type of shop I love to look round at all the produce b

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Bees Need Real Food Too.

Our bees are in trouble and I’m sure there’s not just one reason for their declining population. We hear about pesticides, lack of wild flowers because of enormous fields with no hedgerows. Mono-c

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10 Hour Window of Eating

It’s now starting to be thought that it’s healthier to eat meals within a 10 hour window each day rather than spread over a longer period. This form of intermittent fasting is meant to be good for

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