Goodbye to Headaches

A few months ago an acquaintance who we have only known for a short time found out that I used to be a nutritional therapist and asked would I be able to suggest anything for his headaches. He had one most days and ending up taking lots of painkillers.  I suggested we had a get together and left it to him to ring me knowing that if he made the effort he was more likely to do what I asked. As I’m not practicing as a nutritional therapist anymore I told him that I wouldn’t be giving him a proper consultation and suggested a local nutritional therapist if he wanted a more in depth consultation.

Anyway he rang and we met and from talking to him I was pretty sure his headaches were due to his blood sugar dropping overnight as he usually woke with one. I kept things very simple, only cutting out tea and coffee and suggesting a drastic reduction in sugar intake. I also suggested he ate mid-morning and mid-afternoon and had a supper of something low glycaemic before bed.

Well, since that day he hasn’t had a headache and he really can’t believe that such simple changes to his diet could have such drastic effects. Apparently he went away thinking that it wouldn’t work but decided he may as well give it a try. Now whenever I see him in town or at an event he makes a point of coming over to tell me, ‘I haven’t had a headache yet!’ I was proud of him for sticking to his new regime but I’m sure it has made his job and his life more pleasant being free from pain.