Fruit and Veg Food for Thought Anthony Williams

Medical Medium, Anthony Williams

I’ve just read this book published by Hay House and found it very interesting. This guy gets told by spirit what is wrong with people and how they can heal. He cites hidden viruses for causing lots of problems and uses diet and supplements to address ill health. He offers lots of case histories to show the changes that have taken place.

I liked what he has to say about diet partly because it fits in with the regime I recommend and follow. As well as gluten, he suggests we avoid dairy, eggs, soya and corn as well as added sugar. He isn’t however against sugar from fruit and positively recommends lots of fruit. I found that quite interesting especially after seeing a television programme about a group of South Americans who live on masses of fruit but don’t suffer from diabetes. He does however say that it’s the sugar and fat together that causes a problem so recommends reducing saturated fat.

He thinks that about 85% of people have adrenal exhaustion so suggests they eat 5-6 meals per day to take pressure off the adrenal glands, which is what I feel so many people need. I’m sure this wouldn’t be necessary in an ideal world where we didn’t work long hours, didn’t feel any stress, didn’t live in a polluted environment, didn’t have livers that were too busy detoxing to support our blood sugar and ate nutritious meals full of vitamins and minerals. However we don’t live in an ideal world and most people need to eat regularly to compensate for this.

By not eating regularly we force our adrenal glands to kick in and produce stress hormones which release emergency supplies of energy. But this also means that our bodies don’t produce sufficient hydrochloric acid in our digestive tract. It’s that flight or fight response – we are in a field and a bull starts chasing us so our adrenals kick in, but when they do our digestion shuts down to mobilise every ounce of energy for the flight. Living on adrenalin may result in adrenal exhaustion but the digestive problems it also causes means that we don’t absorb as much goodness from the food we are eating so nothing in the body works as well as it should.

A lot of what Anthony says is in tune with what I have always felt and told my clients, but it felt good to have it confirmed from the other side.