Miss Piggy

I so often see people eating what I think is a small meal and occasionally I am left feeling like Miss Piggy as I tuck into a substantial plate full. However what I also often see is those same people tucking into biscuits or chocolate sometimes only an hour or so later whilst I just have an apple and perhaps a few nuts mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

I’m convinced that a lot of people don’t eat sufficient at meal times and then spend their day snacking on the wrong type of food. We need to get back to eating real meals made from real food. My meals always contain lots of vegetables and salad which makes them substantial and helps to fill me with lots of fibre, but vegetables and salads aren’t fattening so I can eat a decent sized portion. If you look at the diets of the world’s longest-living people they too eat lots of vegetables and salads – they certainly don’t starve and they keep slim and healthy.

When I was a child in the 1950’s many women stayed at home and their husbands and children often came home for lunch. I’m not advocating that women should stay at home and we will never go back to those days, but if we look at their pattern of eating, there are things we can learn. Most people ate a substantial breakfast of porridge or bacon and eggs and followed that with a proper lunch. Tea as it was then called was eaten earlier than we eat dinner and was a smaller meal. We need to eat more real food during the day with more emphasis on vegetables and salads. We will then easily obtain at least our 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, we will be less inclined to eat unhealthy snacks and will have more chance of keeping slim and healthy.