Mental and Emotional Detoxification

Mental and Emotional Detoxification

Most people are starting to realise the link between their physical health and the food which they eat. It’s starting to seem like common sense. However, few realise that diet plays such an important part in our mental and emotional wellbeing.

The two main causes of any disease are toxicity and malnutrition. The interaction between these two means that if we have too much toxicity and insufficient of the right nutrients, then the toxicity stays inside making us ill; but if we raise the level of nutrition then the toxicity can be eliminated, resulting in good health.

We have all heard about toxicity in our food, the air we breathe, in our water supply, etc, but we don’t often hear about emotional toxicity. Yet the cells of the body are actively encoded with every emotional and mental issue that has not been resolved in our lives. Different organs hold on to different emotions so the liver is affected by anger, the kidneys by fear. One of the most important factors in staying healthy is to be true to ourselves but how do we know who we really are? We may have suppressed our natural instincts and emotions and learnt to behave in certain ways in order to get our needs met. Few of us grow up being able to be in touch with our true feelings and knowing how to express these. The emotional toxicity created by suppression then prevents us from reaching our full potential on any level – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Life can be looked at as a choice between following the ‘A’ road or ‘B’ road. The ‘A’ road is the path we are meant to be following in life and it leads us back to God, the Higher Consciousness, the Universal Mind or whatever you want to call a higher power. The nearer we stay to the ‘A’ road in life, the easier our life will be. We will still have difficulties, challenges, loss of loved ones, etc, to deal with as these are necessary in life to help us to grow and learn, but we will be able to cope with them and each one enables us to move on. In order to stay on the ‘A’ road, we need to listen to our intuition, to be in touch with feelings, our inner-knowing or our ‘inner child’. By listening to our intuition, we are listening to our Higher Consciousness and following the path our soul chose before we incarnated on this earth.

However, if we just followed our feelings and intuition without engaging our mind, we would soon be in trouble. Our mind tells us not to eat food which is too hot, or to look both ways before crossing the road. The art in life is to balance intuition with the mind but unfortunately, the Western world in which we live encourages the mind to take over. As babies we have strong emotions and feelings which enable us to express our need for food, comfort, etc, but we come in with our minds empty. Our minds are gradually filled with what other people want us to know. Our parents, siblings, teachers, society, all have a part to play in who we become, irrespective of whether this is in line with our true selves. Often as adults we have lost touch with our feelings and intuition and are ruled by our heads.

Suddenly we start heading down the ‘B’ road where our mind takes over, telling us what we should and should not do. Telling us that others will not like us unless we behave in certain ways, telling us we do not deserve to be happy or that we need to achieve in order to feel loved. The list is endless and personal to each individual. The more we have been indoctrinated or abused as children, the further down the ‘B’ road we will be.

When we are heading down the ‘B’ road our inner guidance will try to communicate with us in alternative ways. The busier we are the harder it will be to hear this guidance which may come through dreams or life experiences. If we still ignore our inner self, then the Universe ensures that we encounter problems to encourage us back onto the correct path in life. These problems may be in the area of health or in other areas of life such as work or relationships but, if looked at positively, they can be seen as an invitation to change. It is our higher consciousness saying “Will you stop, look and listen? You are heading in the wrong direction”. Problems occur when the body won’t let the soul do what it wants to do.

Starting the process of detoxification by eating better quality food means that the body begins to discharge toxicity which has been carried for years, irrespective of whether this has originated from physical, mental or emotional sources. If this toxicity is suppressed with drugs, then it will become harder to clear as it goes deeper into the body. The most important factor for achieving success during detoxification is the willingness to face whatever comes up, learn from it and resolve it by being open to needed changes. The understanding and messages are released as the toxicity moves out of the body.

Eventually when the body is purified, health is not only obtained on a physical level but also spontaneity and peace of mind come through being in touch with our spiritual existence and our inner guidance.