Barbara Cousins Philosophy

My Philosophy

My philosophy is the same as my dream – to see everyone eating healthily.

I believe this can happen if time for food preparation and feeding ourselves becomes more of a priority in life. I’d love to see meals being made from raw natural ingredients so that we all know what we are eating.

I feel that as individuals we need to take responsibility for ourselves and learn to think and question more – to get off the marketing treadmill and live a simpler more balanced life.

Our bodies are our temples and we need to treat them well, not abuse them and expect others to pick up the pieces when things go wrong.

As well as eating nourishing food we need to consider our lifestyle too, prioritising so that we have time for rest and relaxation and what’s important to us. So many people are lost – they are just going through the motions each day and using addictions such as food, alcohol or shopping to help them feel temporarily better.

By eating well, our body starts to detoxify uncovering the real us and allowing our direction in life to become much clearer. It becomes easier to slow down, let go of addictions and to find that deep peace inside that allows us just to be, to trust and to flow with life.