Easy. Tasty. Healthy. by Barbara Cousins

Easy Tasty Healthy Articles

Below are sample paragraphs from my latest book, Easy, Tasty, Healthy. Over the years I have received much feedback about the front sections of my books and the consensus of opinion seems to be that I have explained the topics in an easy to understand and balanced way. Hopefully that is also true about my latest book where I talk largely about food and health and the sugar debate.

Why One Chocolate is Never Enough

Forget Fat – Sugar is the New Enemy

Swing High, Swing Low

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Cooking Without Made Easy

Cooking Without Made Easy Articles

In this book, I summarise the effect that Cooking Without can have on people’s lives. I have used my own story and those of some of my clients to help explain the remarkable changes that can happen when detoxification takes place. Below are some sample paragraphs from the book.

Uncovering Our Life Path


Tom’s Story

Detoxification is like a Life Jigsaw

Julie’s Story

Vegetarian Cooking Without

Vegetarian Cooking Without Articles

In Vegetarian Cooking Without I continue what I started in Cooking Without; explaining my take on certain health issues. The information has come from my own healing journey as well as the wealth of information I have learnt from my clients. It has been a privileged journey. Below are some sample paragraphs from Vegetarian Cooking Without.

The Energetics of Food

Mental and Emotional Detoxification

A Day in the Life of Your Low Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Balance

Cooking Without

Cooking Without Articles

In Cooking Without I explain detoxification in detail; from why it’s necessary to how put a detoxification diet into practice. I also offer my take on a number of common health problems as well as explaining the reasons for avoiding foods such as gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast. Below are some sample paragraphs from Cooking Without

Allergies and Intolerances

Chronic Fatigue (ME) and TATT (Tired All The Time)

Migraines and Headaches