Uncovering Our Life Path

There are many ways of uncovering our intuition, the real us, and our life path, and each individual must choose the right way for themselves.

Everything that we need to know is inside us and we must find a way of going inside to find that information.  What is right for me and what is my truth may not be yours.  It’s as though we are all little spiders heading back to a higher consciousness on our own little threads.  I cannot jump onto your thread and you cannot jump onto mine.  Our intuition is the higher consciousness talking to us so the ideas contained in this or any other book should only be considered right for you if they resonate with your truth.

The method I found of uncovering the real me and the way I used to help my clients find their truth has been through diet and detoxification.  The only way that I can know that an individual is better is when they have uncovered the reasons why they became ill and have found their path in life.