Patrick Holford

“Barbara’s work has been a positive influence in the world of nutrition over many years. She wrote her first gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast free recipe book over 25 years ago and I remember stocking it at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in the early 1990s when Barbara first self published. Her books became essential reading for nutritional therapists and a saving grace for their clients.

Barbara’s latest book, Easy, Tasty, Health, is full of the most amazing healthy recipes, showing that you never need to feel deprived or bored on a ‘free from’ regime. In the front section of the book she uses her common sense approach to unravel the sugar debate and to discuss the implications of sugar and sugar substitutes. This book will hopefully join her previous ones as a cookery classic.”

Patrick Holford – Author and Nutritionist

Pippa Kendrick

“Hi Barbara, I’m SO glad you’re on Instagram. Your books were such a joy and life saver to me when I first became ‘free from’ and I still cook from them now. In fact, you inspired me to become a food writer so thank you very much! Can’t wait to get your new book. X”

Pippa Kendrick – Author of “Free From Food for Family and Friends” and “The Intolerant Gourmet”


“Barbara’s books were recommended to me by my nutritional therapist when I became ill with ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) several years ago. I had to eliminate all dairy, wheat, yeast and sugar and her books have been virtually my only source of inspiration. It was so good to find recipes eliminating all these foods. I have bought all her books and use them every day.”

Rachel H – neighbour


“I love the way the recipes are so user-friendly, clearly written, with options to change ingredients, and of course, delicious! The ethos and passion from Barbara comes through which gives a truly holistic feel.”

Nina Heaton – Coach, Holistic and Energy Practitioner



“When practising as a nutritional therapist, Barbara’s books were always among my ‘go to’ cookery books both for my own reference and to recommend with confidence to my clients.

Not only are the recipes free from gluten, dairy, and added sugar, but every recipe is personally tried and tested by Barbara herself, and as a result, are always delicious as well as highly nutritious.

My clients always appreciated the fact that the ingredients were easy to source and the recipes were simple to follow as well as giving consistently tasty results.”

Carole Nicholson – BSc Nutritional Medicine


“Yesterday’s lunch Without was a real eye-opener! Who could have guessed that such a healthy meal could be so delicious?  I’ll certainly be buying Easy, Tasty, Healthy.

Erica G – Home cook and baker


“I was first introduced to Barbara’s amazing books by a friend.  I had inflammatory issues in my joints and abdomen, plus an underactive thyroid affecting my weight and energy levels.  Once introduced to Barbara’s trio of books, I was motivated by her clients’ success stories and her holistic approach to health and nutrition.

I am pleased to say I lost a stone in weight but the most significant thing was the reduction in pain and inflammatory episodes.  I found Barbara’s books interesting, not over-complicated, with easy realistic recipes that anyone could have a go at. I had tried many difference diets but found them difficult to stick to as well as not having the desired results.  I now don’t think of myself as being on a diet – it is now a way of life.

Lynne Canning – Lymphoedema Practitioner