A Versatile Vegetable. 31st July 2020.

Beetroot is an amazing crop and so versatile with every part of the plant being used. The roots I sometimes boil to go with salads but they are also good grated and eaten raw tossed with a salad dressing or sometimes I add wedges to roast vegetables. When we start to get overun I make soup which goes down in the freezer for winter. My favourite recipe at the moment is the one in my latest recipes section but I have been substituting the celery with courgettes as we have an abundance of those. It really is delicious and so good for you.

The leaves of beetroot can be eaten as a vegetable, steamed or sauteed in a little oil. It’s very similar to kale in taste. The stalks can also be used as a vegetable. Sometimes I slice these and part cook them before adding the chopped leaves and sometimes we eat them alone. Any leftovers I keep in the fridge and add to juices when I make a vegetable juice. What an amazing vegetable, easy to grow and fairly resisitant to bugs and diseases too.

A tip we learned from and old farmer was to sprinkle a lttle salt on the rows of beetroot when they are walnut sized. You only need a little but it’s amazing how the beetroot suddenly put on a growth spurt.

Every year we question what we have grown and what we would grow again and beetroot is never in danger of being relegated. It’s an amazing crop