Almost Planted Up Barbara Cousins

Almost Planted Up

3 Jun 2016:

The allotment is now almost fully planted up and we are looking forward to crops of potatoes, broad beans, onions, celery, chard, beetroot, parsnips, sweet corn, French beans, courgettes, strawberries, blackcurrants and raspberries!

The leeks still need to grow a little bigger before planting out and we have some little kale plants to go in which will hopefully produce an early crop.  We will plant another kale crop later to harvest in Spring along with purple sprouting broccoli.

We have planted the sweet corn, French beans and courgettes, in the American style. The sweet corn are planted in a square or rectangle with 18” between plants. Next to each plant is a climbing French bean (Blue Lake) which will hopefully climb up the sweetcorn. In between in the gaps are courgettes which will provide ground cover.  I get the feeling we will have too many courgettes but it’s good to try a new experiment and see what happens.

The strawberries are beginning to fill out so we have covered them with netting to keep the birds off.  We have put some glass over some plants to try and bring them on so that we don’t get a glut all ready at the same time.

Happy Days!