Being a Healthy Vegan is not Easy

I love vegan food and frequently eat vegan meals but it’s not easy. I congratulate any vegan who can stick to such a strict regime and eat healthily.

Whenever I want a quick meal I often turn to fish, eggs or meat because a chicken breast, some grilled fish or an omelette can be prepared quickly and only needs some vegetables or a salad to accompany. There are speedy vegan meals too such as stir fried vegetables and rice but to obtain a balanced diet vegans need to work hard at the protein content of their meals. In order to obtain the eight amino acids which make up protein some food combining needs to take place as all the amino acids are not present in one plant based food.

It’s time consuming to eat well as a vegan as once you have made your protein alternative such as some veggie burghers you still have to make some accompaniments to go with them. Supermarkets in their desire for profit have tapped into this and now supply a steady stream of vegan food and ready meals. But are these healthy?

Vegan ready meals are just like other supermarket ready meals, often high in fat (sometimes damaged fats) and usually containing chemically altered starches, emulsifiers, preservatives and flavourings. People are being conned into thinking that they are eating healthily by being vegan and this is not necessarily true. Unless you cook from scratch and know what goes into your food being vegan is not always a step towards good health.