Boredom inspires Creativity

I’ve always found creativity interesting as a concept. I’m a creative person and over the years have found an outlet in passions such as sewing, cooking, crafts, painting and all manner of projects around the home.

 What I have always found interesting though is how having time on my hands leads to creativity and how being too busy blocks it. As soon as I finish writing a book or re-decorating a room I find my mind wandering to other projects such as updating my wardrobe or re-vamping the garden. Things that I hadn’t thought about doing suddenly start filling my mind with ideas.

I think that one of the benefits of lockdown will be the unleashing of a lot of creative work. But creativity isn’t just about the arts. Not far from where I live is the childhood home of that famous scientist Isaac Newton. He spent his time, much to the consternation of his parents just staring into space.

I was having a chat with my eldest son the other day who was talking about how lockdown was making him consider his future. One of the things he mentioned was how he has been thinking about us, his parents and our peers and how most of the friends we had who went in search of money came unstuck. They ended up  not making any but also occasionally bankrupt or divorced. He thought that we were good role models who although not wealthy had followed our passions in life and learnt to live within our means.

Hopefully lockdown will help more people to turn away from materialistic wants and allow their creative inspiration to come to the fore.