Castor Oil – The Oil that Heals


I first came across castor oil in a book of the above title by Edgar Cayce. Eddie Cayce was a healer – however he wasn’t a healer on the ‘earth plane’ – he had passed over and his book was written from spirit. In this book he recommends castor oil as a cure for so many problems.

I’ve used castor oil (cold pressed) over the years whenever something needed healing but a few years ago I started to use it on my knees.  My left knee, especially, has given me trouble over the years coming from a misaligned spine which I developed in childhood and also cartilage problems over the years from playing sport.  I did have an arthroscopy over 15 years ago and was told then that there was very little cartilage left and that I would need a new knee eventually.

Generally speaking, I have coped well over the years but with a certain amount of pain and discomfort.  A few years ago we moved to a three-storey townhouse with a limestone floor. This floor was rather grubby to say the least so I spent three days on my hands and knees scrubbing away to clean it up. Suddenly my knees were really painful – not surprisingly – and I wondered what I had done moving to a three-storey house whose stairs I was struggling to climb.

I decided  then to try castor oil on my knees and religiously massaged a small amount into them each morning.  The effect was amazing.  Within a few weeks, the pain and discomfort had gone – within a few months my knees were better than they had been for years.  I now don’t feel any discomfort unless I go on a long walk or exert myself excessively.  I still massage my knees daily and feel that I have put off needing a new knee for many years. What an amazing product!