Coconut Oil as a Moisturiser

I’ve started using coconut oil or almond oil as a body moisturiser. I do have dry skin so need to use something. For many years I have avoided creams containing sodium lauryl sulphate and propylene glycol but even these creams still seem to contain a lot of chemical names.

You can buy coconut as oil but I just use the coconut oil which I use for cooking. It’s a little solid in winter so you have to melt it in your hands but once the weather is warmer it goes on quite easily. I’ve even been known to use olive oil when I’ve run out of the others but extra virgin does smell a bit strong whereas coconut has a lovely aroma. You can add some aromatherapy oils for added fragrance. I choose ones such as geranium, orange or lavender which are good for dry skin and completely natural. I throw a large towel on the floor to protect the carpet and I enjoy putting something on my skin that I know I could eat – it just feels so good.

It’s important not just to think of what goes into our bodies from our diet but also what can be absorbed in any other way whether that’s skin products, make-up or cleaning agents. A good book on the subject is by Janey Lee Grace called Imperfectly Natural Woman and of course there is a lot of information on the internet.