Colds Can be Useful

We had some sad news today about a friend of ours who had had a sudden heart attack and died. This was a guy who seemed very fit, who bicycled, played lots of sport, was fairly slim and was never ill. There was nothing to suggest that his heart was in a bad way.

When I was training as a nutritional therapist I always remember being taught that individuals who were never ill were either very healthy or very sick. Illnesses such as coughs and colds are our body’s way of ridding itself of excess toxicity. By doing this the body keeps moving toxicity out and prevents it reaching deeper vital organs. Remember the saying ‘A creaking gate lasts the longest’ Those who are unable to move their toxicity outwards are often dumping it in vital organs and having never suffered from any illnesses they suddenly develop serious life threatening ones. Fewer and farther between are those who don’t need to catch a cold because their bodies don’t have excess toxicity to remove.

So don’t feel bad next time you get a cold, just think ‘I’m eliminating lots of toxicity!’