Covid – A Different Perspective.

It’s been apparent during the Covid pandemic that people who are overweight or suffering other health problems such as diabetes or heart disease are more likely to have a poorer outcome if they contact the virus.

I have an analytical mind so I always try to work out what is going on as I did in my years working as a Nutritional Therapist. Reading around and listening to podcasts there are others who question too and to my mind seem to be on to something.

Most seem to agree that the virus is not the only problem. They are not saying that the virus doesn’t exist or that we shouldn’t try to avoid it but that it’s our bodies response to the virus that creates the problems.

Dr Zach Bush (You Tube) states that viruses are everywhere and that many people will have the Coronovirus without any symptoms or problems occuring. Viruses are not something that we can avoid as they are in the air. He cites toxicity as being the problem that causes our bodies to react to the virus.

Bruce Lipton talks about a virus being like a memory stick downloaded with gene programmes. If receptors on our cells accept the memory stick then the virus can download its information and hijack control of the cells. The question then is what makes some people’s bodies accept the memory stick?

Antony Williams in his books cites viruses as being implicated in a lot of health isssues but also states that many people carry these viruses around without any problems. However it only takes a poor diet, a severely stressful situation or other health problems for these viruses to get the upper hand.

These are all theories with lots of dots still needing to be joined but the consensus of opinion seems to be that we need to be really healthy to avoid Coronovirus as well as other health problems. Toxicity is all around us in the polluted air we breathe, the pesticides on our crops, the chemical additives in foods, the alcohol and drugs we take, to name a few. Eating a healthy diet and getting physically fit are probably our best weapons against Coronovirus.