Do We Create Our Reality by the Way We Think?

There are many books out there telling us that the way we think affects our lives for better or worse, and last week I watched this in action in my life.

I was feeling pressured with too much to do and I was being negative about my situation rather than positive. I wanted to go out to play but I had work to do on my website, the house needed cleaning etc etc. As I was cleaning the downstairs toilet I managed to tip my microfibre cloth down the toilet with the bucket of water I was using and I watched in dismay as it scooted round the u-bend.

For most people that may not have been a problem but we have a pumping station because our house is lower than the main drain and a cloth such as this would soon jam up the works. My husband came to the rescue and we had to move cars and explore drains to work out where the cloth might travel. I was sent inside to pour more buckets of water down the toilet as my husband stood perched over a 6 foot drop ready to catch the cloth with a brush.

As I was filling buckets of water I paused to think what this was about. I had so much to do and here was the Universe conspiring to give me more. Then it dawned on me – I was being negative – ok, I had lots to do but life was good and I had no reason to complain. I quickly said a big ‘Thankyou’ for my lesson and poured the first bucket down the toilet only to hear my husband shout ‘I’ve got it’.

I was being let off from what could have been a traumatic morning and I went back to my jobs with a grateful heart and re-newed energy. It’s not a bad idea when things go wrong to look at what life might be trying to teach us. I know it’s not always clear but sometimes it’s pretty obvious.