Eating out in London

I love eating out in London – I have rarely had a bad meal and there is such a wide range to choose from usually at reasonable prices which is unusual for a capital city.

Firstly we were invited out by my son and his wife to an event which was catered for by the restaurant ‘Nobu’. The food was what I would call Asian fusion and was absolutely out of this world. It’s what I call clean food made with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish in fabulous flavoured sauces.

We had sushi, crab salad and asparagus wrapped in beef, plus stir fries and kebabs. As well as pudding there was a large platter of fruit with everything you could think of on it. There was dragon fruit, yellow kiwis, papaya, mango and apricots, all absolutely delicious. I always remember exceptional meals and this is one that will stay in my memory for a long time.

Our next meal out was bought at Greenwich market and eaten by the river. We had an Ethiopian vegetable platter which consisted of a chick pea dish, a lentil dish, a mixed vegetable dish and a spinach dish all served on a bed of rice. It was simple food but really tasty. I also loved looking round all the stalls trying to decide what to buy. There is so much choice not only at Greenwich but around the city where individuals have set up stalls serving their national dishes. I love having my senses filled by all the sights, smells and tastes.

One of our favourite places is a Vietnamese in the back streets near Kings Cross. It’s called San Viet and is largely frequented by locals. It serves amazing food at very reasonable prices and we often call on our way to or from the railway station.  Another is a Middle Eastern restaurant in the back streets near Marylebone. It’s another un-prepossessing place with white plastic tables outside. It’s a family concern with mother, father and son and lots of shouting in their native tongue but amazingly good reasonably priced food.