Health is Wealth

Nothing makes you realise how important our health is until we lose it or find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. It’s become obvious that those who suffer from one or more of the diseases of our society such as obesity, diabetes or heart problems are more likely to have a worse outcome if they contact Covid 19.

At the same time it is becoming more and more obvious that diet and health are linked as more and more scientific studies confirm this message.

When lockdown first started lots of people were posting pictures on social media of their chocolate stash or gin mountain. Hopefully in time they will have a re-think and realise that this is the perfect opportunity to get fit, cook healthy meals and re-evaluate their lifestyle.

I know that not everyone who has suffered at this time is to blame but so much pain and loss could have been prevented if people put health and fitness as a priority in life. We need to take some responsibility for our own health and not just rely on doctors to rescue us. Amazing though they are, they don’t always have the answers.