Learning from Lockdown

I’m a glass half full sort of person so right from the onset of lockdown I could see so many positive health benefits that could emerge if people choose to go that way.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to improve health whether that’s doing more exercise, eating more healthy meals made from basic ingredients, getting more sleep or learning to meditate. I saw a funny cartoon the other day with someone saying, ‘after lockdown shall I join weight watchers or alchoholics anonymous first’. Although it was funny and some people are using food or alchohol to self medicate from fear, it’s such a shame to waste an opportunity like this when most of us have time on our hands and are in control of what we eat or drink.

So many of the people dieing from Covid 19 have underlying health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart problems and that should surely be an incentive to encourage us to take responsibility for getting ourselves as fit and healthy as possible.

It’s also a good time to look at how we can keep these changes we make in place once we return to work and a busy life. Perhaps to plan the weeks menu so that food can be bought at the weekend and some preparation started. Perhaps to put some standby’s down in the freezer or plan lunches that we can quickly throw together to take to work.

Let’s use lockdown as a positive step forward towards a healthier regime that will stand us in good staid for the rest of our lives. It will then be looked back on as a blessing rather than a curse.