New Year Food Resolutions

Looking back at last years resolutions I’m quite proud that I’ve put most into action. They have however been hanging around for a few years so probably about time.

I wanted to cut out soya because of GMO’s so my treat of a soya decaf latte has gone and I’m drinking my coffee black. It’s amazing what you can get used to and I quite enjoy it now.

I bought a structured water filter – it doesn’t actually filter the water but rather changes the structure by sending the water through a vortex. It’s fitted where the water enters the house and hopefully means the water is absorbed into cells more easily. I’ve noticed my plants have all had a surge in new growth so they seem to be benefiting. The filter is available from Amazon.

If I buy bacon I now buy ‘naked bacon’ which is nitrate free and available in larger supermarkets. They also stock ‘naked ham’. It’s actually very nice too. I’m also managing to eat sardines and mackerel more often for omega 3’s. It was easy in summer as we ate so many salads but hopefully I can keep it up in the winter months.

My main resolution for next year is to try and find tinned wild Alaskan salmon. There are no fish farms in Alaska so their salmon is the real deal. I can buy it fresh in our local supermarket though it is expensive but it would be good to find a tinned source too.

I’d like to cut down on plastic for health and environmental reasons. Even though I cook everything from scratch it’s amazing how much waste we have for recycling. So where possible I will source vegetables and meat that isn’t packaged. It does mean I will probably spend a little more but hopefully the supermarkets will get their act together soon.

Lastly having said I’m going to cut down on packaging I’m also going to have a good look at the supermarket shelves as I’m not sure what is on half of them. I tend to avoid ready packaged ingredients but sometimes there is something healthy and new that I didn’t realise existed. It will be an interesting exercise.