The Spring Equinox and Detoxification

The Spring equinox is something that I look forward to and it’s no coincidence that it coincides with all the fresh green shoots appearing and vegetable planting time.

Astrologically the equinox is that moment in time when the centre of the sun is directly above the earths’ equator. In the northern hemisphere the Spring equinox is around the 21st March.

If you think about times gone by when we didn’t import food, the winter staples would be root vegetables and a limited supply of fruit. This meant that in Spring the body was ready for a detox. The growth of new green shoots and the equinox are the beginning of a natural cleanse for our bodies which lasts all summer and ends with the Autumn equinox. This doesn’t mean that these days you can’t cleanse in the winter but the most effective time is the spring and summer months.

I don’t recommend that you try to cleanse during the equinox but rather a week or so later. You will notice around the time of the equinox that lots of people start to go down with coughs and colds and bugs as the body does its best to reduce its toxic load. Cleansing during this period often results in a healing crisis which although on one level is positive it isn’t necessary to make yourself ill.

I prefer to spread my cleansing out over the summer months and will start some vegetables juicing a week to ten days after the equinox and continue through till autumn. I will start with a juice every few days or so and increase gradually as the crops appear until I am juicing daily. I don’t overdose on juices and usually only have half a glass per day as vegetables juices are very strong. If you have health problems, are pregnant or want to do a deeper cleanse it is best to consult a qualified therapist.

Vegetables, especially the more bitter ones have a powerful cleansing effect on the body but a gentler detox can be achieved just through eating more vegetables and especially raw vegetables and salads. In my latest recipes on my website you will find a recipe for nettle soup which I put on last spring. Nettle soup as well as being delicious and easy to make has been used for centuries as a cleanser in spring.

By gently encouraging the removal of waste products, the body is better able to carry out normal processes. This is often shown by improved digestion, energy, skin and mood as well as a lessening of other health problems. So enjoy the spring equinox and all it has to offer.