Still Planting. 14th September 2018

Despite netting our spring sown Cavelo Nero kale, the white butterflies still managed to infiltrate and lay their eggs. The baby caterpillars soon grew fat on the leaves and we gave up the battle of trying to eliminate them. We still haven’t got a clue as to how they managed to get through or under the net but the urge to reproduce is so strong that they somehow manage.

We decided to plant some more seeds and keep the plants indoors until the white butterfly season was over but every time we think it is, we suddenly see one flying around. What was also amazing is that one day I saw that some of the leaves were being eaten and guess what? There was a caterpillar munching away. A butterfly must have negotiated the netting we have at the back door and deposited some eggs. Hopefully we will soon be able to plant them out and we can then look forward to some spring kale.

The allotment is still producing well. We are still picking raspberries every other day and there are lots more to come. They have enjoyed the hot weather and will keep fruiting until the cold weather appears. The runner beans which didn’t enjoy the hot weather have suddenly had a growth spurt and we are being rewarded with some late season pickings. The chard, beetroot and courgettes are also keeping us well supplied and we are still enjoying fresh herb teas from the mint and lemon balm.