Sugar-Free Freedom

A good friend of mine has always been a sugar junkie. I remember a couple of years ago when we were out together and I refused a sweet treat because I found it just too sweet. Jackie’s comment was ‘Nothing is ever too sweet’

Roll on two years and things have changed. Whenever I visit I tend to take sugar free treats and so Jackie has been introduced to some new delights. She has also embraced yoga and its influence on a healthier lifestyle. Slowly but surely Jackie’s tastes have been changing and now when I visit Jackie often offers me something that she has made using healthy ingredients.

I couldn’t help but smile just before Christmas when Jackie said that she was making her own treats to take to the family at Christmas because she couldn’t possibly eat all those sugar laden concoctions. I reminded her of the time when she stated that nothing could ever be too sweet. She realised how far she has come and how much better she feels for it.

After Christmas I asked Jackie how the no sugar Christmas had been. She had only been tempted twice and each time couldn’t believe how awful the sugar rich sweets had tasted. She was glad that she had taken her own versions so that she was able to celebrate guilt and sugar-free.