Sugar is so Addictive

Whilst on holiday this year I bumped into a lady who I had met on one of our previous visits a few  years ago. I remembered her but had forgotten that we had talked about diet. She had suffered from Cancer and had Candida so she was interested in what I had to say.

Apparently I had suggested she cut out all sugar from her diet. She was so impressed that I had told her that long before all the latest dietary advice came out that is in all the magazines and newspapers these days.

What she did say was that she had realised how addictive sugar can be. She was fine once she had cut it out of her diet but every slight relapse sent her on a sugar binge which was hard to stop. We all know what she means. I’m not too bad these days as I don’t get over tempted by sweet foods so rarely indulge too much but I remember years ago especially after times such as Christmas when it was hard to get back to sensible eating because the sugar cravings were so strong.

Any way she is doing really well now, looking much slimmer and fitter than when we last met and health wise very much feeling the benefits of a sugar free diet. She has more energy, feels brighter and more positive and her general health is much better