A Vegetarian comes to stay

I had a friend to stay for a few days who is vegetarian. I love vegetarian food and I would choose vegetarian meals more often when out if they weren’t always so gluten and dairy laden. So I was happy to cook vegetarian but I do find that making good vegetarian food for every meal does take time. I’m so used to occasional quick meals when I cook some meat or fish and serve it with lots of salad or vegetables whereas with vegetarian food you can spend ages cooking the main course then still have to think about the side dishes. Hat’s off to vegetarians and vegans who eat well.

That reminds me of a story I think I wrote about in Vegetarian Cooking Without when two workmen were in the house. On chatting to them I found that one was a vegetarian. When lunchtime came I watched the non-vegetarian tucking into a tuna salad he had made that morning whilst the vegetarian popped round to the chip shop for a bag of chips. Not what I had expected!

Anyway I made lots of different salads before my friend arrived and there were leftovers to finish the next day. Then I made a mushroom risotto. It’s a throw-it-all-in-the-pan version from ‘Easy Tasty Healthy’ where very little work is required. We also had vegetarian Pad Thai and my friend went away happy and I wasn’t too exhausted